About four decades ago, Saint John’s stepped forward and filled a real need in our community and area in the opening of Hickory Creek Learning Center. Hundreds of little people have been provided the opportunity to be in a classroom environment, sit and learn and just as importantly, learn how to play well with others. We have been blessed with very talented teachers and teacher assistants over this time. Our current teacher, Ms. Bell, has faithfully served the school and community for thirty years.

Parents with children at Hickory Creek Learning Center pay monthly tuition preset by the Church Council, keeping the school financially self-sustaining. A large number of preschool choices are now available in our area, some of which are either free or provided at a very nominal fee. Keeping our class size up to a breakeven level has become a real challenge. At the same time requirements for the State of Michigan in terms of fire and building codes and numerous other state requirements for teachers and teacher assistants have become excessive and very difficult to meet.

After much review and prayerful consideration, Saint John’s Church Council has voted unanimously to cease operations of the school at the end of this school year. Please join me in thanking Ms. Bell and her staff for a job well done for a very long time. And, thank you to the Parents of so many wonderful students and members of Saint John’s for decades of support for the school and community.

Bruce Nitz
Saint John’s Church Council


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